Where I come from


My name is Virginia Fineberg and I will be happy to help you reach your goals. But maybe I should tell you a bit about myself first:

I am a linguist. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I finished my first two degrees, in History, I moved to France at age 25 to start working as a translator for UNESCO. Very soon, I left translation to attend ISIT, Paris-Assas, where I completed a course in simultaneous interpretation using my three active languages, English, French and Spanish (my mother tongue). After working for 15 years as an interpreter for the European institutions, my family and I moved to Larchmont.

Once in New York, I took up a post in the Interpretation Service of United Nations Headquarters, that I held until December 2016. My work at the UN allowed me to learn a lot about communication, public speaking and fluency when using a foreign language.

In order to combine my teaching and linguistic skills, I completed a Master's in Applied Linguistics  at the Universidad Antonio de Nebrija, in Madrid, Spain. My dissertation was centered on the teaching of languages to English-speaking adults.



As a teacher, I have been coaching students to help them feel more comfortable and proficient when speaking English. Working with private students made me realize that every person has their own needs, goals and modes of learning.​ I also worked for two years at the Instituto Cervantes of New York and in language schools in Westchester.

And that led me to create BILATERAL, a language services company centered on on coaching non-native English speakers in fluency and accent improvement in English and in public speaking.

My goal is to help you realize your own linguistic project of improving your confidence and clarity when communicating in  English, whether you need these skills for your studies, business or travels and/or of learning Spanish or. Through relevant and personalized content we will make your learning interesting, effective and meaningful. 

Looking forward to meeting you and your project

So, take that first step and contact me. We have a long and productive road to walk together. And it will be fun, I can promise you that!

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